Dacentec Dedicated Server Review

I recently picked up a dedicated server from Dacentec who are owned by CentriLogic. The server was on the cheap side, only $50 a month for a Dell CS24-SC which was a steal. For that price, something wasn’t going to be right but I was wrong. The server is nice and zippy, its packed with an 8 core Intel Xeon and 16 GB’s DDR2 memory (could have gone for DDR3 but went for the cheaper option).

Currently, the server is running ESXI which hosts my test VM’s as I picked up a /29 subnet for an extra $6 a month which allow’s me to have 5 internet facing VM’s and the main IP is used as a management port on a different subnet. The server runs 5 VM’s without an issue as all the VM’s are very fast and even with the memory usage at 14 GB for the host and CPU’s running very high, the server is still very quick and responsive.

Uptime of the server has been solid along with the connection on the server. I have 10 TB’s bandwidth to use and within the past few day’s I have managed to use over 200 GB’s of it and the network when doing massive download’s didn’t have any problems. Normally when I buy servers which are in the US and me being in the UK, I normally have massive amounts of lag and I tend to try to go for UK servers but with Dacentec, I didn’t have this issue and it felt like the server was in my LAN.

I will be keeping this server until I pick up a newer one for my home as for the price, its well worth it. I have opened a few support tickets with Dacentec and they were answered in the space of me making a coffee which was very impressive.

Overall, the servers are great at Dacentec. While they might me for everyone, for a test environment and a few production servers, it gets the job done.

Any thoughts? Leave them in the comments below!